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Our Travel Directory is a manually edited, well organized list of specialized websites all pertaining to the field of Travel. Not a dump from the ODP (DMOZ), our Directory has been totally started from scratch. All non-travel sites are encouraged to participate using our wider categories of Widerange and Miscellaneous.

Todays search engines have the capability of providing traffic, but a better source is produced from web directories. We believe that by providing this valuable source of specialized sites, our clients benefit by finding information they may have not otherwise. From this develops a highly focused traffic source of users who understand exactly what they are looking for. A good share of this targeted traffic is available to you by becoming a part of our Travel Directory.

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  • Suggest your site to our Directory. Fill in the form to become a part of our Directory.
  • Upon acceptance, reciprocal linking information will be emailed to you.
  • Each and every site submission is personally reviewed.
  • Broader categories are available for all non-travel related websites.

Our Travel Directory is organized as follows:

Main Travel Categories:

* Airlines: Sites and information on Airlines, Cargo planes, flying schools, etc.
* Airport Car Parking: USA, Canada, Europe, etc.
* Resources for Argentina : Argentine customs, sites, etc.
* Auto rentals: Car rental venues by region.
* Bed and Breakfasts: Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, etc.
* City Guides: Travel information on cities worldwide.
* Convention Centers: Listing of convention centers by country and region.
* Cottages and Cabins:Cottages and cabin accommodations.
* Cruises: Cruise line vacation packages.
* Destinations: Listing of world travel destinations.
* Directories: Directories, sites, guides, etc.
* General: General information for travelers.
* Lodging: Listing of travel accommodations.
* Miscelaneous: List of maps, guides, books, travel accessories, etc.
* National Parks: National Park vacation spots.
* News and Media: Information sources for travelers - news, media, etc.
* Niche Travel: Niche, outdoor, adventure, fishing, golfing trips, etc.
* Online Reservations: Travel sites and online reservations.
* Photos and images: Amateur photos of various vacation spots.
* Property rentals:Listing of property rentals.
* Time sharing:Time shares, vacation shares, etc.
* Top Vacation Spots: Top vacation spots and destinations.
* Tour operators:Extensive list of tour operators.
* Travelogues:Travel journals, diaries, etc written by non-professionals.
* Travel agents: Regional agents and agencies.
* Vacation rentals: Monthly and/or weekly rentals of condos, complexes, etc.

... and many more on Widerange categories: Internet, Gambling, Real Estate, etc.

Characteristics of our Travel Directory:

1. A maximum of 15 to 17 listings per page makes our Directory uncluttered.
2. Thumbnail image is provided for participating websites. See a sample. See a close up.
3. All submitters may re-edit their listings.
4. Submissions are all password protected.
5. Category structure and folder archives are easy to use.

by Travel Argentina

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"Directories lead to a better bottom line by receiving qualified and effective business leads on a day to day basis." Scott MacCallum - President of Sinergia S.A.

"Travelsur crew are the greatest!
A while back ago I saw an article in a Travel magazine about Perito Moreno Glaciers, down in Southern Argentina. I searched the net and found Travelsur's website.
All it took, was an email and a corteuous answer to realize I was in good hands. You guys are a small agency that does not disappoint. Without Expedia's infraestructure but with a warm, helpful and knowledgeable team." / Counselor tip.